Samantha Ardente Films "Serial Abusers 2"

Click to Porn Vid exposed Canadian School worker Samantha Ardente suspended after secret life exposed by student. The woman, known by her performing name, Samantha Ardente, has been suspended without pay for two weeks from Etchemins High School near Quebec City while authorities decide her fate. The star of Serial Abusers 2 refused the student's request for an autograph and told him to keep her clandestine activities to himself. Instead, the excitable youngster told his friends, with word eventually getting back to the administration, leading to the clerical assistant's suspension. School board spokeswoman Louise Boisvert said: 'It's a first in our history. 'Even if she didn't work directly with the students, we have to evaluate the impact that this story will have on her, on the students and on the staff.'